Have you ever stepped into a busy city and fell in love with it instantly? I have. In Mumbai. This city got me addicted. I had a great time exploring and I am listing down some of my favorite moments from Mumbai which makes me want more of it, every time. So here you go – 7 wonderful things to do in Mumbai.

1. Feast on puris at Pancham Puriwala –

We reached Mumbai very early. Much before our check-in time. So we dropped our luggage at the hotel reception and we went exploring Mumbai on a beautiful Saturday morning. After soaking in the beauty of CST and a couple of chai’s; we headed to Pancham Puriwala for breakfast. Mmmmm. What do I say about this place? Located in one of the small lanes of Fort Area, South Mumbai; Pancham Puriwala is ancient, legendary and iconic. One of the oldest restaurants of Mumbai, Pancham Puriwala has been operational even before the Victoria Terminus (now CST) was built. Panchamdas Sharma who had come to Mumbai from Agra(by foot) set up this restaurant even before the first train flagged off in 1853. Well, I must say that Pancham Puriwala has seen Bombay grow into Mumbai.

This restaurant has been selling the best puri-bhajis for over 160 years now. And, when you do something for so long, you definitely master the craft, isn’t it? Their crispy, golden puris are the best. The sadha puris, bedmi(masala) puris, palak puris with the spicy bhaji’s, kadhi’s and chana are finger licking good. Authentic taste, modest price and legendary. So the next time you are in Mumbai, head to Pancham Puriwala for the best puri-bhajis.

2. Street Art along Chapel Road, Bandra –

If you are one of the kinds who likes to roam around the streets, looking at the walls and hunting down some gorgeous street paintings – Head to Chapel Road, Bandra. There are paintings of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Anarkali, Mughal-e-Azam, Meena Kumari, a lot of Bollywood, some quirky quotes and much more. We spent around two hours exploring the streets near Chapel Road and there were so many people who came up to talk to us and help us find some gorgeous paintings. We absolutely loved it.

3. Happy time at Candies, Pali Hill, Bandra West –

We were very tired after exploring Chapel Road and we headed to Candies for lunch. A very good friend of mine suggested this place and I am so thankful to him. Shyam & I loved this place to bits. Amazing ambiance with different levels to suit your mood. You could have a romantic date in a cozy corner, or, party under a bright sunny place – up to your mood. Go there with your friends or your special someone and I am sure you will have a great time. If you are exploring Chapel Road, it will surely leave you tired – good idea to club your visit with Candies which is not too far.

4. Watch a play at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu Church Road –

Watching a play at Prithvi Theatre was Shyam’s wish. I was wondering if it’d be a good idea; but I love him for taking me to Prithvi Theatre. Ah! I was stunned the moment I entered the place. I was behaving like a first-timer at Prithvi Cafe and that’s because I was in awe. I had never been to any place like that before.

The ambiance and the feel here is amazing. You must go here to understand what I am saying. We grabbed a quick meal at Prithvi Cafe before our show began and the food is darn good. We watched “Six Characters in Search of an Author”. Just one word for the play – Brilliant. “Six Characters in Search of an Author” is an Italian Play written by Luigi Pirandello in the year 1921. The play was directed by Trishla Patel, who also acted in the play. She was fantastic! Loved the whole experience. This one is a must-do if you are in Mumbai. You can visit Prithvi theatre’s website – www.prithvitheatre.org for the show timings and other details. Pre-book your tickets and do not miss watching a play at Prithvi Theatre.

5. Ice cream, chocolate milkshakes at Bachelorrs

This little juice and ice cream heaven shares its walls with the Charni Road local railway line. If you’ve had the best chocolate milkshake and you still think ‘Yaar! Kuch to missing hai’ – You must head to Bachelorrs. Your search for the best chocolate milk shake ends here. The classic chocolate shake of Bachelorrs has numerous fans. It is classic, indeed. And, do not forget to eat the chilli ice cream at Bachelorrs. Ah! The cold, spicy ice cream. It just cannot be missed. I am not a huge fan of ice creams, but I loved the chilli ice cream here. One of its kind in India. Sit there on one of the plastic stools and enjoy the delicacies as you watch the Mumbai’s local trains speeding away through Charni Road station. Bachelorrs is yet another legendary eatery in Mumbai and was established in the 1930’s. Located right opposite Girgaon Chowpatty and Thakkar’s, this place is famous among celebrities and common-man. Do not leave Mumbai without visiting this heaven.

6. Bandra-Worli Sea Link –

We rode on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link during evenings, past midnight and in the wee hours of morning. And every time it felt so good to be there. One cannot stop here for photography, but riding on the sea link is an experience by itself. Go for a drive, feel the fresh air on your face and let the wind play with your hair while you enjoy the beautiful Mumbai skyline. It is magical.

7. Late nights on Marine Drive / Nariman Point –

I saved the best for the last. At the end of each day, we’d go back to our hotel, sip some wine while relaxing in the huge bathtub, put on some fresh clothes and we’d head to Marine Drive. It had become a routine during our stay there. We spent the nights looking at the beautiful skyline of the city while listening to the gentle sound of waves lashing against the rocks. We spent the nights getting lost in the dream that Mumbai is. A dream that is real. Marine drive set me free. I moved my feet in the air and laid down counting the hot air balloons in the Mumbai sky. I enjoyed the noise and the silence in between. It was hard to understand the kind of bliss I was experiencing amidst a busy city. No city had done this to me. I thought I could feel that way only in the mountains. Maybe that is why Mumbai is different. Maybe that is why Mumbai is so loved. And I was already deep in love with this city. Love you, Mumbai.

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