Pee Safe

 Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Multi-Use Wet Wipes

How many times have you controlled your pee because of the dirty toilets? How many times have you felt gross about using public toilets at the bus and train stations? How many times have you tightly held your nose because of the foul smell emanating from the public restrooms? Numerous times, right? Sadly, all that is still very much a part of India. The problems with public rest rooms are many, and it increases further when you are a woman – because we cannot pee in the public, under a tree or behind the transformer. Things will change, but it will take time. Until then, what are women supposed to do? Good news is, SafetyKart Retail Pvt. Ltd., an online portal that deals with safety and health care related products has a launched a unique Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray called Pee Safe.

Pee Safe is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. Once sprayed it kills up to 99.9% of germs and sanitizes the toilet seat, protecting you from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). You can spray Pee Safe every time you use a public toilet. All you need to do is – Spray Pee Safe from a distance of 25 cm on the toilet seats and wait for 5 seconds for it to work. And you’re safe to use the public / shared rest room. It removes the foul odor and sanitizes in just 5 seconds! The packaging is very travel friendly and will easily fit into your handbag or your child’s school bag. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer is not just limited to the toilet seats. You can also spray it on those dirty door knobs or the toilet flush button to sanitize the same. Please note that Pee Safe is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It removes and kills germs. It does not clean the dirty toilet’s. It just makes your life a little easier, tolerable and protects you from Urinary Tract Infections.

Pee Safe

Along with the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, I also received the Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes. These wipes are alcohol free and can be used on both skin and surfaces. The wipes are pH neutral and do not irritate the skin. Use Pee Safe Muti-Use Wet Wipes just like how you’d use any other wet wipes. I am listing down a few uses here just so it comes in handy.

Uses of Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes –

  • Sanitize your hands.
  • Clean your car’s dashboard and steering.
  • Sanitize your smart phone. There are millions of germs on that screen.
  • Use it to clean tables and window panes.
  • In case you need a clean, shiny shoe in a jiffy – Use Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes
  • Soothe your skin during emergencies.
  • And, you can also use to clean that dirty key board.

Get creative, and you’d find multiple ways to use these wet wipes. It is very useful and comes in handy at all times, especially when you’re traveling.

Update: I think Pee Safe Wipes are discontinued now and are not available for sale.

If you wish to read more about the brand Pee Safe, you may do so at their website

Cost –

Rs.120 for 40ml and Rs.180 for 75 ml.

Availabilty –

Easily available on

Do try Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer while using the public rest-rooms. It definitely makes the entire situation more tolerable. Go ahead, get one for yourself and for your family. You will not regret your purchase.

The above post is in collaboration with Pee Safe. I enjoyed working with this brand and I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to introduce this useful product to you all.

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