Let’s talk about some must-have Intimate Hygiene Products. Shall we?

Till a few years back I was not into using any specific intimate hygiene products. But, some infections and irritations later, I decided to give more attention to my intimate hygiene and that helped me a lot. So today I’ll share with you 4 amazing intimate hygiene brands that I have discovered over the last couple of years. I’ll split this post into two categories. In the first part we will talk about vaginal hygiene and in the second part, we will discuss preventing Urinary Tract Infections while using public washrooms.

Vaginal Hygiene

Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powders

Clotrimazole is a drug that is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. You can use these dusting powders to absorb excess sweat and perspiration. Basically, you can use this anywhere where you sweat excessively. It could be your groin, crotch, underarms, toes – just about anywhere where you sweat more. This powder absorbs all the excess moisture and helps in the prevention of rashes, for e.g. the diaper rashes in babies or the nasty rashes you get down there during periods. This product is my personal favourite and you would never find my bathroom cabinet without this one. Be it periods or the hot, summer months – this product is a saviour.

This dusting powder can also be used to curb body odour to an extent. Please check this article if you wish to know about safe methods to curb body odour.

V Wash Cleanser & Wipes

V Wash is yet another brand that I absolutely trust when it comes to vaginal hygiene. I had been using soap and water to clean my intimate areas for the longest time. I did not face any issues, but, a few years ago I started getting rashes and irritations down there during my periods. That’s when I started using V Wash cleanser and I’ve never looked back. It maintains the optimum pH level, keeps the area odour free and most important of all prevents the occurrence of rashes – which I think is very important for personal hygiene.

V Wash Wipes work just like the V Wash cleanser, but, is more travel-friendly. This comes in handy especially when you don’t have access to water during travels but want that instant freshness down there. I always carry a couple of V Wash wipes with me because you never know when you would need it. Every time I use these wipes, I feel fresh, clean and odour free.

The only products/brands that I trust when it comes to vaginal hygiene are Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powders and V Wash. Do check these out, really useful stuff. 🙂

Preventing UTI while using public toilets

How many times have you controlled your pee because of the fear of using dirty toilets? And, how many times have you found it difficult to squat in those gross public washrooms? Numerous times, right? I know, it’s same with me. But, not anymore. I want to talk about 2 amazing products that are absolute lifesavers and make the whole dirty experience of using public washrooms a bit better.

Pee Safe

Pee Safe – Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Pee Safe is an Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. Once sprayed it kills up to 99.9% of germs and sanitizes the toilet seat, protecting you from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). You can spray Pee Safe every time you use a public toilet. All you need to do is – spray Pee Safe from a distance of 25 cm on the toilet seats and wait for 5 seconds for it to work. And you’re safe to use the public / shared restroom. It removes the foul odour and sanitizes in just 5 seconds! The packaging is very travel-friendly and will easily fit into your handbag or your child’s school bag. Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer is not just limited to the toilet seats. You can also spray it on those dirty doorknobs or the toilet flush button to sanitize the same. This definitely makes your life a little easier, tolerable and most importantly protects you from Urinary Tract Infections. For more details about Pee Safe, please check this article.

Pee Buddy – Freedom to stand and PEE

Have you secretly felt jealous of men being able to stand and pee? 🙂

Don’t judge me, but I have. Especially while using those dirty restrooms at railway stations and airports. I always wished that there could be some product that would allow women to stand and pee as well.

And, my wish was granted. 🙂

Pee Buddy is one such wonderful product that gives you that exact freedom to stand and PEE. Now no more squatting in those dirty toilets. Ah, what a relief!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this product in my life. I am not even exaggerating, I am truly grateful for this product in my life. And I can tell you this, now that I am pregnant, I have the tendency to use washrooms more often than before. And, Pee Buddy is my saviour because in pregnancy you cannot afford to contract UTI or any infection for that matter.

It definitely keeps me safe from the dirty toilets and I think this is a must-have if you are pregnant. Actually, this is a must-have irrespective of whether you are pregnant or not.

Ideal for:

Public toilet

Airport/flight toilet

Highways & outdoors

Railways & metro

Pregnant women and

Women with arthritis

In my opinion, Pee Buddy and Pee Safe are the only two products you need to tackle the dirty, public washrooms. A must-have for all Indian Women.

That is all for today, beautiful people. If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends and family. And please tell me your favourite intimate hygiene products in the comments below.

All these products (+ some more favourites) can be found in The Shop section of the blog which is a personally curated compilation of all my favourite things & products that I use on a day-day basis. I am sure you will find something useful for yourself.

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