Bath, Somerset

I visited the beautiful city of Bath in the late autumn this year. The entire city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The rolling countryside, quaint bridges, the most romantic canal walks by the River Avon, honey-coloured houses, mouth-watering Cornish pasties, magical streets, the beautiful Gothic architecture and the ever so stunning Roman Bath – Ah! The city of Bath has left me mesmerised. ❤ I’m sharing a few postcards and a short video log from Bath, Somerset here. At the end of this article, I have listed all the faqs and travel notes that you may find useful if you are planning to visit Bath.

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The iconic Pulteney Bridge.
Bath, Somerset
Stunning fall colours and the view of Pulteney Bridge
Bath, Somerset
The golden fall .. such a beauty
Bath, Somerset
Beautiful Gothic architecture of Bath Abbey
Bath, Somerset
Bath Abbey and Abbey Church Yard at the night
Stained glass windows inside Bath Abbey
One of my favourite views from Roman Bath
Bath, Somerset
The love for pretty streets – Bath has many magical streets
Bath, Somerset
Bath Circus
Bath, Somerset
The view of Roman Bath and Bath Abbey
Bath, Somerset
The emerald waters at the Roman Bath
Best croissants at The Cornish Pasty

Places to visit in Bath, Somerset

Roman Bath: It is a good idea to book your tickets online to avoid the long queues. Also, check their official website for opening timings and holiday closures. Book your tickets online here:

Bath Abbey: Check the visiting hours for Bath Abbey before your visit here – If you are interested in doing the tower tours, please check this link for all necessary information –

Note – Visit The Cornish Pasty at the Abbey Church Yard when you are visiting Bath Abbey and Roman Bath. They have the most amazing croissants and pasties – a great place to stop by for coffee and snacks whilst enjoying the view of the towering Abbey.

Pulteney Bridge, River Avon Canal Walk: Pulteney Bridge is the iconic spot in Bath and hard to miss. Combine your visit to Pulteney Bridge with a walk along the canal. It is very dreamy and beautiful, especially in Autumn.

Guildhall Market: While the entire city of Bath is dotted by various brands and boutiques, I feel Guildhall Market is a great place to pick up local cheese, souvenirs and the likes.

Royal Crescent, Bath Circus: A long walk along the beautiful streets and parks that dot the Royal Crescent and Bath Circus is a great way to admire the stunning, honey-coloured architecture of Bath.

Free walking tours: The honorary guides of Bath show you the best of Bath in these free walking tours. These tours are a great way to learn about the Roman and Georgian history of Bath – explore the cobbled alleyways, iconic landmarks, beautiful parks and gardens and the charming streets of Bath. The walking tours start outside the Pump Room in the Abbey Church Yard. For more details visit –

Best time to visit Bath, Somerset

Spring and Summer months are a great time to visit Bath. Personally, I loved visiting Bath in Autumn (Early November to be specific). The fall colours were beautiful and it was a pleasure to walk along the pretty streets and canals.

Until next time …

Bath, Somerset
Stunning autumn colours
Bath, Somerset
The beautiful Abbey Church Yard

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