I had this sudden realisation that 4 months of 2020 has gone by. GONE BY. JUST LIKE THAT. 2020 has been like no other year. I’m sure Covid-19 has been quite an experience for all of us. Quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing – this has become the new normal. But, I truly hope we could go back to our old normal. Either way, the show must go on and here is my to-do list for May.

Learn to bake a chocolate cake

Alright, May is the month of many celebrations in our family. My daughter and I will be celebrating our birthdays this month. And, my husband & I will also be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this month. So yeah, I want to learn to bake a chocolate cake to make our celebrations more personal and keep it our style. In case you are wondering why chocolate cake of all cakes? Well, I’ve been meaning to learn to bake a chocolate cake for many years now. And now is the time.

Get my digital content in order

By digital content, I mean the photos, important files, financial documents etc. that seem to be all over the place. You know the saying – out of sight. out of mind? That’s exactly how I feel about my digital content. Just because it is virtual and does not occupy a physical space, my digital contents do not have a proper home.

I’m planning to do a double backup of the photos & videos and put them on AWS Cold Storage. I do have a backup of all photos & videos on my Seagate Harddrive. I will be going over the content again, checking for duplicates and then create a second backup on the cloud. And I’m also planning to work on organizing our family’s documents (financial papers, official files and the likes) that need a backup and proper ‘home’. I’m sure this task will take me more than a month to complete, but I want to get started with organizing our digital content this month.

Writing gratitude and affirmations

I’ve been on and off with journaling. I find it scary to maintain a physical journal because your life can become an open book if someone happens to read your journal. But, I’ve tried to push that fear away and have started writing my thoughts, gratitudes and affirmations on a notebook. And I seem to be enjoying it. I started journaling this April and I hope to continue doing it this month as well. For now, I like how positive I feel every morning after noting down my gratitudes.

Get my skin & hair care routine back

I’ve been slacking in this department and I have been blaming motherhood and busy days for my negligence. But, honestly, I can and I should bring my skin and hair care routine back. I can see some changes in my skin and hair – nothing significant but I want to stop the damage that I’ve been causing by neglecting my skin and hair. And I’m going to try and keep my routine as simple and sustainable as possible.

And yeah, those were my top 4 things to do for May. Of course, there will be more todo’s that will spring up as I go about the month. But this is good for the start. What are your plans for May?

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